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  • QID Invited by the Institute of Defense and Business to panel a discussion on RFID security

    Ft. McNair, Washington D.C, USA

    QID was invited by the institute of Defense and Business (www.idb.org) to speak on a panel discussing the current challenges and possible technology approaches to RFID security. The Institute for Defense & Business (IDB) focuses on the imperative need to increase and sustain the interchange of information between the U.S. military and the private sector. This is an invitation only event, geared toward examining the RFID implementation experience, challenges, and way forward for the Department of Defense.

    Forums like these are very critical in building a sustainable and long term strategy around RFID. The technology is perhaps at the stage where Internet was years ago. Security, reliability and ease of use will become important enablers for such a technology to become mainstream.“We hope to contribute significantly towards building a secure solution for the Department of Defense.” said Prof. Rory O’Connor, Chief Technology Officer for QuantumID Technologies.

    A whitepaper was recently published by NIST as a guidance for securing Radio Frequency Identification Systems and can be accessed at http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/

    QID to engage with a large life sciences company in discovering RFID needs

    MIT Campus, Cambridge , USA

    QID plans to engage with a large life sciences company to understand the short term as well as long term benefits of implementing RFID. The prospect of using “smart labels you can trust” on drugs manufactured and shipped by this company, and thus gain advantage in terms of a competitive strategy looked very interesting.

    QID will provide expertise in the area of Product security, Logistics and Technology to the company and will benefit from understanding the customer needs and constraints while designing and developing its own products and services.

    QID hopes to engage with a variety of prospective business partners in such mutually beneficial programs.