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  • QID Builds a RFID customer experience center in its R&D unit

    Pune, India

    QuantumID has gained traction in the Energy vertical in Western India and has completed RFID Evaluation and analysis projects with multiple customers addressing supply chain and compliance needs of the energy sector.
    “We feel our R&D capabilities allow us to present to our customers, customized RFID solutions , giving us an edge and our customers the value add over other RFID vendors many of them who are merely traders or software consulting companies in the field and lack the depth to understand the complexity of business scenarios and the RFID technology effectiveness” says Prasanna Gogwekar, COO , QuantumID Technologies.

    QID completes RFID evaluation & ROI projects in Energy Vertical

    Pune, India

    QID has set up a state of the art customer experience center in its R&D facility in India.This center aims at building RFID technology scenarios at customer’s request onsite on demand which the customers can see in action. Currently a lot of business scenarios which show the technology breakthroughs have been set up, such as –
    * S4 Tags & Phaser – Cost effective aggregate level RFID solution.
    * Minimum RFID for Real-time Maximum coverage.
    * RFID in and on High Metal zones.
    * Warehouse Management zone based tracking using QID’s LOQUATOR.
    * Retail Customer Experience Management system

    The above are some ready to see business scenario’s for QID’s valuable customers. “We believe in customers visiting us and working with our teams to collaboratively create the best of breed solutions onsite and watching them take shape right in our office”, says CEO Milind Tavshikar.

    QuantumID completes successful RFID Business evaluation project with a world class logistics company – Bax Global.

    Pune, India

    AX Global India Pvt. Ltd. is 100% subsidiary of Bax Global Inc. USA , one of the leading providers of Cargo Transportation and Logistics Services Worldwide, with nearly 500 offices in 123 countries and annual revenue of about US$2.4 billion.

    QID today announced that it has successfully delivered a RFID evaluation project for a world class logistics company, BAX Global. Global supply chain’s are complex and customers like BAX Global engage QID to make small improvements at critical points thus providing the maximum ROI. The task force jointly setup by both companies will look at multiple such opportunities.

    QuantumID is one of the highly valued exhibitors at Delhi RFID expo

    In a short period of under a year, QID made its presence widely felt at national level RFID exposition. The solutions offered by QID in multiple verticals resonated with the target audience. “QID looks at each business challenge in its own perspective and makes an attempt to apply the most appropriate solution while remaining compliant with major standards” said Prasanna Gogwekar, Managing Director.

    QID Team Customer Interest QID Reception

    QID presented RFID solutions in both the Government & Private sector which were widely acclaimed by the Audiences.

    Presence in Conference Customer Interaction Customer Interaction Seminar on eGovernance

    “We are a one stop shop for any RFID needs in India. Our rapid access to innovation happening globally, in house R&D capabilities and familiarity with backend ERP systems quickly makes us the preferred choice by businesses looking for an end to end solution” says CEO Milind Tavshikar.

    QID received the honor of being one of the most valued exhibitor’s at the exposition.

    QuantumID presents RFID’s role in building Lean & Responsive supply chains at Indian Institute of Materials Management.

    Pune, India

    QID at Indian Institute of Materials Management (Venue: Nasik)
    Conference on Material Management Customer Interactions Addressing Audience

    At an impressive gathering of high level executives, QID presented a methodology of building lean and responsive supply chain solutions using RFID. The Indian Institute of Materials Management is a think tank of supply chain managers across the country. Recent growth in the GDP as well as export demand has put an unprecedented pressure on their supply networks. QID’s IEDEA methodology gives a out of the box approach of applying RFID innovations to routine challenges faced by these executives.

    QID to work with a major MNC for building an RFID solution in heavy metal areas.

    Pune, India

    A major MNC with worldwide operations invited QID to work on a challenge they are facing in their tool room. All of the tools are made of iron and their size and shape poses unique challenges. QID has successfully demonstrated an RFID solution that addresses these challenges in a cost effective manner. The MNC’s automotive manufacturing unit in western India will the first attempt to apply innovative RFID to a challenge the company faces globally. A successful solution will potentially save time spent in searching for the right tools and also reduce rejection rates due to incorrect tool usage.

    QID was chosen to demonstrate and Solution & ROI using RFID at high temperatures by India’s most prestigious brand and the largest Auto Manufacturer in the country.

    Pune, India

    QID announces its arrival in the RFID market with an engagement with the most prestigious company in the country. It has collaboration with OEM manufacturers and partners to build a unique innovation in RFID that allows usage of the technology at high temperatures. Most off the shelf solutions demonstrated till date are cost prohibitive in this extremely competitive market. QID successfully demonstrated the solution and will provide a solution that gives a positive ROI within 24 months of implementation.

    QID successfully delivers a prototype of its Innovation – “Active RFID without Batteries”

    Cambridge, MA

    QID today successfully demonstrated the first version of its patent pending innovation. A team of engineers working in 2 locations, Cambridge,MA,USA and Pune,India have designed, developed and tested 2 key product prototypes that are a foundation of QID’s RFID solution.

    QLabel – is an RFID tag with features like 8Kb of enhanced non volatile read write memory and secure bidirectional communication. It is perhaps the first time in the world anyone has demonstrated these features in prototype with no batteries.
    QAuthor is a light based RFID read / write handheld device that communicates in a secure manner with QLabel. Both devices leverage innovative communication techniques developed by Dr Rory O’Connor, CTO.

    “This is a big leap forward and an important milestone achieved for the company. We have demonstrated that cutting edge research and development can be successfully delivered on time and under budgets. Our engineering team has all the right ingredients needed for such an effort”, said Prasanna Gogwekar, COO who oversees the R&D center in Pune.

    “I am very pleased about the progress of our team. We have now progressed from the Proof of Concept that Rory had developed in a laboratory to a real life working prototype that can be demonstrated to our prospects. The quality of feedback we will get here on will be significantly higher and relevant”, says Milind Tavshikar, CEO. “Now our job is to further this prototype and miniaturize the design into a custom ASIC. We will be starting that very soon”, he added.

    QLabel and QAuthor have capabilities to address challenges like counterfeiting of drugs and high value luxury goods. They can also provide RFID solutions to the UID mandate from the US Department of Defense. These products will be designed to plug and play within an EPC Gen2 environment.

    Major General Hawthorne L. (Peet) Proctor US Army (Ret) joins QID’s Advisory Board

    Cambridge, MA

    QID’s Board of Advisors will be further strengthened today when Major General Hawthorne Proctor joins the team. General Proctor has a long history with the Defense Logistics Agency. In a role of a Director of logistics operations, he became one of the principal architects of the best operational performance in the history of DLA. Because of his outstanding leadership and the outstanding performance of the J-3 staff, DLA returned $1.8 billion to the Department for reinvestment, re-capitalization and force modernization. General Proctor is an exceptional logistician and has had a tremendous career both in and out of DOD.

    “I like the fact that QID has a differentiated idea that might potentially improve logistics capabilities and provide that much needed support to the nation’s war-fighters and peace-keepers. Ammunition is particularly sensitive to any kind of Radio interference, and the reduced radio power for QID Labels could prove very beneficial for use around ammunition and other sensitive items”, said General Proctor.

    “We are very excited to have this privilege”, says Milind Tavshikar, CEO. General Proctor’s first hand experience in advancing leading edge innovations like RFID within the Department of Defense will help us immensely in designing our products and solutions. He brings us industry knowledge and can point to areas that the company should focus on. “We know with his help, we will have our priorities right”, he added. DoD is one of the verticals for which QID is building its products. Security is a key factor in all DoD applications. QID’s products are uniquely positioned to address these needs at an affordable cost.

    BobSuh, Chief Technology Strategist at Accenture to be on QID’s Advisory Board


    QID today announced that Bob Suh, Chief Technology Strategist for Accenture has joined its team of Advisors. This marks an important event for the company. QID is building a team of advisors who have solid understanding of leading edge technologies like RFID and its unique business model. “Technology strategy is a foundation of any startup and we are privileged to be associated with Bob. His experience and engagement with clients who are trying to find answers for their complex business problems is simply invaluable. He was amongst the very few who encouraged my ideas and provided that source of inspiration to keep going when times were difficult”, said Rory O’Connor, CTO

    “I have been informally involved with this company since it was a concept in the labs. The momentum they have got right now is great. It feels like they have done a year worth of work in a couple of months”, said Bob Suh.

    “QID will be building an Advisory Board of accomplished individuals from companies or industries that are No 1 or No 2 in their respective businesses. We like to be associated with the best of the best. Our advisors will be involved in providing that much needed strategic thrust at various stages of the company. We value their support and have a commitment to showcase performance worthy of such association”, said Milind Tavshikar, CEO.

    “More news in this area is coming soon”,he added.