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  • QID establishes strategic partnership with Microsoft

    QuantumID Technologies today announced the first step in building a long term strategic partnership with Microsoft Corporation by becoming a registered member of the Microsoft Partner Program. Microsoft is an undisputed leader in running software on desktops as well as the edge of the network. Microsoft has a layered approach to RFID and its .NET framework is one of the best places to start building RFID applications for the marketplace.

    “We are very thrilled about the possibilities that open up with such a strategic relationship. Our application developers have started creating line-of-business solutions based on .NET platform. Customers are yet to see a robust, affordable and versatile RFID business application that leverages their existing infrastructure, we plan to do exactly that”, says Prasanna Gogwekar, COO and Managing Director QuantumID Technologies.

    QID’s Loquator is an application being built on the .NET framework and will also be available on windows CE devices. “QID plans to invest resources in this partnership and move along rapidly to reach the Gold Certified standard and develop our products in the most cost efficient market in the world thus providing us with a competitive edge over others” said Milind Tavshikar, CEO.

    QID plans to expand its Pune operations in a phased manner to service niche areas in technology products and services.