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  • BobSuh, Chief Technology Strategist at Accenture to be on QID’s Advisory Board


    QID today announced that Bob Suh, Chief Technology Strategist for Accenture has joined its team of Advisors. This marks an important event for the company. QID is building a team of advisors who have solid understanding of leading edge technologies like RFID and its unique business model. “Technology strategy is a foundation of any startup and we are privileged to be associated with Bob. His experience and engagement with clients who are trying to find answers for their complex business problems is simply invaluable. He was amongst the very few who encouraged my ideas and provided that source of inspiration to keep going when times were difficult”, said Rory O’Connor, CTO

    “I have been informally involved with this company since it was a concept in the labs. The momentum they have got right now is great. It feels like they have done a year worth of work in a couple of months”, said Bob Suh.

    “QID will be building an Advisory Board of accomplished individuals from companies or industries that are No 1 or No 2 in their respective businesses. We like to be associated with the best of the best. Our advisors will be involved in providing that much needed strategic thrust at various stages of the company. We value their support and have a commitment to showcase performance worthy of such association”, said Milind Tavshikar, CEO.

    “More news in this area is coming soon”,he added.