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  • Major General Hawthorne L. (Peet) Proctor US Army (Ret) joins QID’s Advisory Board

    Cambridge, MA

    QID’s Board of Advisors will be further strengthened today when Major General Hawthorne Proctor joins the team. General Proctor has a long history with the Defense Logistics Agency. In a role of a Director of logistics operations, he became one of the principal architects of the best operational performance in the history of DLA. Because of his outstanding leadership and the outstanding performance of the J-3 staff, DLA returned $1.8 billion to the Department for reinvestment, re-capitalization and force modernization. General Proctor is an exceptional logistician and has had a tremendous career both in and out of DOD.

    “I like the fact that QID has a differentiated idea that might potentially improve logistics capabilities and provide that much needed support to the nation’s war-fighters and peace-keepers. Ammunition is particularly sensitive to any kind of Radio interference, and the reduced radio power for QID Labels could prove very beneficial for use around ammunition and other sensitive items”, said General Proctor.

    “We are very excited to have this privilege”, says Milind Tavshikar, CEO. General Proctor’s first hand experience in advancing leading edge innovations like RFID within the Department of Defense will help us immensely in designing our products and solutions. He brings us industry knowledge and can point to areas that the company should focus on. “We know with his help, we will have our priorities right”, he added. DoD is one of the verticals for which QID is building its products. Security is a key factor in all DoD applications. QID’s products are uniquely positioned to address these needs at an affordable cost.