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  • QID successfully delivers a prototype of its Innovation – “Active RFID without Batteries”

    Cambridge, MA

    QID today successfully demonstrated the first version of its patent pending innovation. A team of engineers working in 2 locations, Cambridge,MA,USA and Pune,India have designed, developed and tested 2 key product prototypes that are a foundation of QID’s RFID solution.

    QLabel – is an RFID tag with features like 8Kb of enhanced non volatile read write memory and secure bidirectional communication. It is perhaps the first time in the world anyone has demonstrated these features in prototype with no batteries.
    QAuthor is a light based RFID read / write handheld device that communicates in a secure manner with QLabel. Both devices leverage innovative communication techniques developed by Dr Rory O’Connor, CTO.

    “This is a big leap forward and an important milestone achieved for the company. We have demonstrated that cutting edge research and development can be successfully delivered on time and under budgets. Our engineering team has all the right ingredients needed for such an effort”, said Prasanna Gogwekar, COO who oversees the R&D center in Pune.

    “I am very pleased about the progress of our team. We have now progressed from the Proof of Concept that Rory had developed in a laboratory to a real life working prototype that can be demonstrated to our prospects. The quality of feedback we will get here on will be significantly higher and relevant”, says Milind Tavshikar, CEO. “Now our job is to further this prototype and miniaturize the design into a custom ASIC. We will be starting that very soon”, he added.

    QLabel and QAuthor have capabilities to address challenges like counterfeiting of drugs and high value luxury goods. They can also provide RFID solutions to the UID mandate from the US Department of Defense. These products will be designed to plug and play within an EPC Gen2 environment.