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  • QuantumID is one of the highly valued exhibitors at Delhi RFID expo

    In a short period of under a year, QID made its presence widely felt at national level RFID exposition. The solutions offered by QID in multiple verticals resonated with the target audience. “QID looks at each business challenge in its own perspective and makes an attempt to apply the most appropriate solution while remaining compliant with major standards” said Prasanna Gogwekar, Managing Director.

    QID Team Customer Interest QID Reception

    QID presented RFID solutions in both the Government & Private sector which were widely acclaimed by the Audiences.

    Presence in Conference Customer Interaction Customer Interaction Seminar on eGovernance

    “We are a one stop shop for any RFID needs in India. Our rapid access to innovation happening globally, in house R&D capabilities and familiarity with backend ERP systems quickly makes us the preferred choice by businesses looking for an end to end solution” says CEO Milind Tavshikar.

    QID received the honor of being one of the most valued exhibitor’s at the exposition.