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  • QID Receives RFID INNOVATION of the Year Award for RFID tags from Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan has selected QuantumID Technologies for RFID INNOVATION AWARD WINNER FOR 2008 ( Asia – Pac ) in its Best Practices Award program for the Asia Pac zone.
    To choose this award recipients’ new product innovations are evaluated by analysts against:

    • Degree of Innovation
    • Ability to satisfy a business need
    • Cost effectivity
    • System integration capability
    • Completeness of the solution

    “We are extremely proud of this tremendous achievement in such as short span of 3 years and it speaks volumes of our abilities and our dedication towards our customer base.” says CEO of QID Mr.Milind Tavshikar.
    “We call this Customer oriented RFID approach which has been ingrained into every aspect of our various divisions including Hardware, Software & Consulting. Every thought and idea is based on – “ How would this benefit the customer.” says Prasanna Gogwekar MD, of QID’s India operations.

    Please go through following links for more details:


    QuantumID starts its nationwide Automated Cargo Management project for India’s favorite airline

    Pune, India

    QID has initiated a nationwide RFID enabled Cargo tracking project for India favorite airline. This project is an unprecedented initiative and enables a tremendous COST oriented approach towards preventing cargo misrouting and cargo loss.

    “QIDs complete solution approach provide an amazing cost benefit to our customer and eliminating cargo loss / misrouting using our INNOVATIVE solutions gives our customer a RAPID ROI .” say MD of QID (India) Prasanna Gogwekar.

    QID successfully completes PILOT for a major Oil & Gas company in Malaysia

    Pune, India

    QuantumID Technologies has successfully completed a RFID enabled warehouse management pilot for a major OIL & GAS company in Malaysia. The project enables the customer to track inventory levels and enables efficient put away and picking operations increasing the overall warehouse productivity by around 18% and reducing operational cost by 25%.

    “QuantumID ’s cost effective and innovative RFID complete solutions which include hardware, software and implementation services are oriented towards solving a specific Business need which makes us very very unique in this fragmented marketplace. “ says CEO Milind Tavshikar.

    QuantumID is selected by a major Oil & Gas player in Malaysia for a pilot project to enabled its warehouse

    Pune, India

    QuantumID has made a major stride by expanding its reach out into the Asia Pac region into Malaysia by signing up a pilot project with a major Oil & Gas company. “This is a significant achievement in our journey towards success and shows the faith our customers around the globe have started building in us” says CEO Milind Tavshikar.

    QuantumID officially launches its Integrated long range handheld RFID reader with great fanfare

    Pune, India

    Today QuantumID launched its Innovative Handheld RFID Reader with MAJOR fanfare from a multitude of customers from prestigious organizations such as Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, ACC cement and others attending the product launch event at Sun-N-Sand in Pune.

    Respected Dignitaries from SAP & Tata Strategic Management group spoke as guest speakers about RFID ‘s impact on the Indian industry and QID’s products specialties. “Our products are customer focused ingrained with business process outlook which makes them enhance business efficiencies by seamlessly integrating into the customers business easily…” said COO Prasanna Gogwekar .
    “Enabling Businesses to leverage their existing technology framework and rapidly scale up their growing business models using our RFID products has been a VISION realized “said CEO Milind Tavshikar congratulating the current and prospective customers of QID

    CEO & MD Interacting with Guests
    QID Product Range
    Exploring Products Strength and Qualities

    QuantumID gets signed up for RFID enabled Vehicle Tracking project by one of India’s most prominent brands

    Pune, India

    Today QuantumID Technologies (I) has been successfully selected to implement a Vehicle Tracking system by India’s most prominent brands. “Our Long Range Tracker helps manufacturing organizations track trucks within configurable read ranges of 20m to 60m and helps them to identify and measure transporter efficiency and the efficiency of processes within the plants assocated with loading and unloading” says MD Prasanna Gogwekar.
    CEO Milind Tavshikar says “ This capability of tracking a huge number of our S4-B tags with fixed Ethernet/wireless RFID readers gives our customers a tremendous cost benefit and a potential of using this technology for a multitude of applications “.

    QuantumID successfully completes its PILOT project with India’s favorite AIRLINE

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies successfully completed its PILOT project with CARGO operations of India’s favorite AIRLINE. The project has been successful to track CARGO real time and multiple stages and minimize CARGO losses. “ We now move to planning & scaling up the project at the nation wide level to maximize the ROI associated with the volume of CARGO flowing through. “ says Managing Director QID (I) Prasanna Gogwekar

    QuantumID gets selected by a major Analyst firm “Frost & Sullivan” as the movers and shakers in the RFID business…

    Pune, India

    In a significant development,QID was chosen as a ‘Movers and Shakers’ company by a major analyst firm Frost and Sullivan. Companies who are leaders in their space and have a differentiated product / service that breaks away from traditional offerings are chosen to be in this group.

    QuantumID selected by a major ELECTRIC Company in Western Maharashtra for implementing RFID solutions to track material movement

    QuantumID has been selected by a major ELECTRIC company in Western Maharashtra for implementing a PILOT RFID project to track its material dispatch and receiving processes to identify and minimize material site shortages. “Our tremendous experience in re-engineering processes with RFID and analyzing the associated improvement is costs gives our customers a great value add.“ says CEO Milind Tavshikar.

    QuantumID Technologies unveils the world’s first completely integrated Automatic Identification and Data Collection Machine

    Cambridge, MA

    In what can be called a Major Breakthrough for the industry, the reader has the capability of reading all existing formats of 1D, 2D barcodes, read / write to Passive RFID and Active RFID in a single integrated handheld device. Easy backend integration is provided via a variety of interfaces including WiFi, GPRS, Bluetooth and Serial. The reader has an ability to detect its own location with GPS capabilities. Easy deployment is possible with the open API provided on a Windows CE device which has a large touch screen display.

    “This is the only handheld device that anyone deploying field applications related to Barcodes or RFID within an enterprise” said Milind Tavshikar, CEO of QuantumID Technologies. Its versatility was driven by customers who found implementing multiple infrastructures prohibitive for their RFID projects. Our patent pending technology allows us to build Active Tags without using batteries, and that is a perfect compliment to all the existing AIDC technologies on the market today,he added.

    We are very excited by the arrival of the reader in price sensitive markets like India. Our customers have been demanding such functionality for a long time and are happy to extend their current barcode infrastructure to RFID via such a reader. We are currently implementing this technology for a large Airline cargo operator in India, said Prasanna Gogwekar, COO and MD of India operations.

    The reader also deploys NSA approved security algorithms to allow development of secure applications. In combination with an Active Tag that contains a microcontroller, it will open up new markets in industries such as Supply Chain and Secure Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles amongst others.
    QuantumID Technologies is based out of Cambridge, MA. It provides innovative business solutions to the Enterprise Mobility market leveraging its innovation of Active Tag without batteries and the integrated reader.