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  • QID architects High ROI solutions for A Major Engine Manufacturer

    Pune, India

    One of the prestigious Innovative organizations of Western India selected QuantumID to design and architect High ROI solution’s for pick and place assembly and vehicle tracking.

    QuantumID Technologies has been selected to design and architect High ROI solutions for EASY pick & place assembly and vehicle tracking systems. The solution involves QID’s own S4-B tags , AIM Readers and EASY & TrackMaster Application Software’s.

    QID’s S4-B tags have the capability of audio / visual cues with a 30 – 50 m reading radius

    “This project is KEY in Productivity efficiency enhancements initiatives taken by manufacturing companies and QID Technologies is building a bridge leveraging Barcodes infrastructure and enabling companies in India to adapt strategically to RFID financially & technologically both,” said Prasanna Gogwekar, COO.

    “Our ability to deliver a complete end to end business solutions which involves our participation from building TAGS & READERS with SOFTWARE & IMPLEMENTATION makes us immensely valuable to our customers,” said Milind Tavshikar CEO.