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  • A Major Airline selects QuantumID Technologies for a cargo management pilot project

    One of the Major Airlines today selected innovative technology developed by QID for their Automated Cargo Tracking Project. The project is aimed at reducing misrouting of cargo due to manual handling of boxes on most routes today.

    This Airline has been voted “India’s favorite airline” and its goal is to offer superior quality and reliable service in the Indian Air logistic space. This Airlines Cargo Services offers an unmatched quality service with its brand new fleet of Airbus and ATR aircrafts, which covers over 31 cities with 193 flights daily.

    QID’s innovative RFID tags will be deployed to store and maintain destination information for each box carried. An aggregation of weight will also be stored on QID’s S4 tag attached to the trolley used for loading the aircraft. This functionality provides an opportunity of balancing the aircraft in real time thus further improving on stringent safety standards.

    QID’s innovative all-in-one handheld reader will be deployed as a part of the project. This reader had the functionality of reading all universal barcodes, passive RFID and Active RFID in a single integrated device.

    “This project is a milestone in improving cargo management processes at airports,” said Prasanna Gogwekar, COO. It will provide a rapid ROI due to low implementation costs associated. The benefit our technology provides via an integrated set of hardware, software and services is huge, he added.
    “Our strategy of embracing legacy technologies like barcodes and at the same time deploying newer technologies like RFID is very well accepted by our customers. Businesses are much more agreeable to this approach and we see substantial growth in this area in coming months,” said Milind Tavshikar, CEO