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  • QuantumID is selected by a major Oil & Gas player in Malaysia for a pilot project to enabled its warehouse

    Pune, India

    QuantumID has made a major stride by expanding its reach out into the Asia Pac region into Malaysia by signing up a pilot project with a major Oil & Gas company. “This is a significant achievement in our journey towards success and shows the faith our customers around the globe have started building in us” says CEO Milind Tavshikar.

    QuantumID officially launches its Integrated long range handheld RFID reader with great fanfare

    Pune, India

    Today QuantumID launched its Innovative Handheld RFID Reader with MAJOR fanfare from a multitude of customers from prestigious organizations such as Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, ACC cement and others attending the product launch event at Sun-N-Sand in Pune.

    Respected Dignitaries from SAP & Tata Strategic Management group spoke as guest speakers about RFID ‘s impact on the Indian industry and QID’s products specialties. “Our products are customer focused ingrained with business process outlook which makes them enhance business efficiencies by seamlessly integrating into the customers business easily…” said COO Prasanna Gogwekar .
    “Enabling Businesses to leverage their existing technology framework and rapidly scale up their growing business models using our RFID products has been a VISION realized “said CEO Milind Tavshikar congratulating the current and prospective customers of QID

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