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  • QID successfully completes a JIT project for a major manufacturing customer along with its Supply chain partner

    Pune, India

    QuantumID has successfully rolled out a REAL TIME RFID based JIT project for an engine manufacturing company in Western India. “The solution enables the Supply chain partner to get alerts on a real time basis for material used by the manufacturer giving JIT as a business process a fantastic advantage.” says Mr. Prasanna Gogwekar COO, QID.
    ” We see a lot of such customer-supplier partnership based JIT models been successfully implemented by us in 2010.” says Milind Tavshikar, CEO,QID.

    QID wins a unique path tracking project in North East India

    QuantumID Technologies (India) has won a unique path tracking project in Eastern India which will begin in January 2010. This is an extremely innovative RFID solution from QID which detects the movement of a vehicle on a specific path. “QID’s core R&D strength combined with its capabilities to apply this to solving a business problem through a combination of hardware and software has given us an edge over competition and enabled us to deliver these very unique solutions to the market space” says QID’s COO & M.D (India) Prasanna Gogwekar.

    “This solution has a tremendous global and local scope and we see a lot of potential with the model we currently have,” says QID’s Global CEO Mr. Milind Tavshikar.

    QID is selected by a major Battery company in Western India for RFID solutions

    Pune, India

    QuantumID Technologies has been selected by a major Battery company in Western India for RFID solutions to add value added efficiencies into its manufacturing and dispatch operations.The customer is one of India’s biggest brands. The project will be completed over six months in multiple phases.
    “We see a lot of value which we are going to add complementing our RFID products and software to also work with our customer’s ERP to bring in real time inventory and material flow visibility for WIP processes”. says Mr. Prasanna Gogwekar, COO, QID.
    “We see our footprint in the energy sector overall growing both here in India and USA with our uniquely positioned solutions for industries such as batteries, Oil & Gas”,says Mr.Milind Tavshikar, CEO QID.

    QuantumID wins a Supply Chain tracking deal

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies (India) has won a supply chain tracking deal in Western India. The project is associated with tracking material flow in and out of multiple manufacturing plants and its associated Supply Chain site of a major manufacturing giant.

    QID Technologies unveils a completely new and patented PATH tracking system

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies unveils a completely new and patented PATH tracking system which can be used for tracking of paths of equipments such as forklifts, automotives etc using its patented RFID path tracking readers and vey very unique patented RFID track tags. This system is going to be used in India very shortly for path tracking.

    “Our core ability as the product R&D company enables us to envision very unique solutions and application and roll them out effectively”,says COO of QID Prasanna Gogwekar

    Planted Tags For Path Tracking Vehicle Finding Path Through The Planted Tags

    QuantumID Technologies has now received IP certification for a range of its products including Tags & Readers

    Pune, India

    S4-B-1 Tag – IP52 certified. Our Active tag is now IP52 certified so it can be effectively used in dusty environments and will not get affected in humid or rainy conditions.

    AIM2 – QID’s Handheld AIM2 is now IP52 certified as Rain proof & Dust proof.

    Cargo Tags – QID’s passive cargo tags are IP57 certified.

    QuantumID successfully completes logistics scalable project for Transport Company

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies India has successfully completed a scalable project with a major transportation organization in India. The product and solution enables the customer to track packages on their GCN real time as they move through various hubs enroute real time, optimizes the overall operation through automation and enables better load planning and effective use of resources reducing the TCO.

    “QID is setting up a very competitive service model and allows LOGISTICS organizations to embrace RFID technology at a price per package which is very effective.” say Milind Tavshikar, CEO of QID Inc.

    QID forges ahead with another Logistics deal

    Pune, India

    QuantumID Technologies has landed one more logistics deal with one of India’s major Complete Logistics Solution provider ruling India’s Road network. The solution enables logistics provider to track packages in real time all over its transportation network and minimize losses and claims associated yielding fast ROI. “Our RAAS model is breaking through all current Economic barriers making it viable and profitable for the customers to derive business benefits and QID to provide cost effective and profitable technology means.” says Prasanna Gogwekar, COO of QID Technologies.

    “We intend to provide RAAS (RFID AS A SERVICE) to all our global customer base in USA, Europe & Southeast Asia and be a pioneer to provide such an effective business model.” says CEO Milind Tavshikar.