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  • QID enabled its Data Storage layer on Microsoft’s Cloud computing platform AZURE

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd has enabled its data storage layer associated with its RFID ACT system ( Automated Cargo tracking ) on the Microsoft AZURE Platform.
    “This now enables QID’s Edge & core RFID systems to scale up rapidly to meet our customers growing track and trace data logging needs very effectively and seamlessly.” says Prasanna Gogwekar, COO & MD of QID (India).
    “Microsoft’s Cloud computing platform will be a key component of our strategy from scalability and reliability aspects with respect to data.” says Milind Tavshikar, CEO of QID.

    QID launches new version of Integrated BRICS Handheld reader

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies Inc has launched QC 800, a new version of its Barcode & RFID Integrated Communications system(BRICS). The reader is an integrated ICE platform on the UHF RFID de licensed frequency zone.

    “This is an extremely user friendly and industry standard rugged RFID device which is extremely well suited for logistics and manufacturing operations among others. We expect this reader to capture a tremendous market share over the next 5 years.” says Milind Tavshikar, CEO of QID Technologies