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    veena We chose ACT because of its turnkey approach towards solving critical challenges of the Airline Cargo industry.

    Customer 8

    Cloud Logistics Solutions for Intelligent Enterprises

    QuantumID is a Leader In Providing Turnkey Solutions to Improve Visibility of Packages, Assets, Business Operations and Work Processes in Select Industries. Our Award Winning Product Portfolio Consists of a Enterprise Software Offering Built On a Cloud Computing Platform Leveraging Latest Mobility Technologies and Patent Pending Innovations.

    For Air Cargo Network: Our SmartKargo Product is a Comprehensive Integrated and Intelligent Air Cargo Management Solution featuring Real-Time Online Sales, Booking and Space Reservation, Operations and Handling, Revenue Accounting and Business Intelligence.

    For Industrial Gas Distributors: Our ULTRA Product is the Industry’s Pioneering Cylinder Management and Tracking Solution featuring Plant operations, Distribution Operations, Field Services and a Accounting Module.

    For Warehouse Operators: Our ROW Product is a Cost Effective Solution for Item level Visibility and Typical Warehouse Movements such as Imports, Storage and Export.

    Customer 1

    We chose QID over Motorola and Intermec for the flexibility their team provides in building custom RFID solutions.

    QID wins another contract from the government of India for its ART solution.

    Pune, India

    QuantumID wins a contract to deploy its ART solution for driver training schools in North India. This deployment contract will help multiple driver training schools in North India under a standardized technology platform for driving skills evaluation.