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  • Event: QID and Microsoft Azure presents at 2011 IATA World Cargo Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey

    Pune, India

    IATA – World Cargo Symposium 2011

    QID and Microsoft Azure presents – Airline Cargo Industry’s First Barcode Compatible, RFID Enabled Cargo Tracking System powered by Windows Azure

    During the IATA’s World Cargo Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey., QuantumID and alliance partner Microsoft will be presenting the benefits and experiences in deploying industry’s first turnkey implementation of a Barcode compatible, RFID enabled cargo identification and tracking system for Kingfisher Airlines Cargo, including capabilities for Unit Load Device Tracking (Tr@kULD), Cargo Tracking Security (Sc@rgo) and Lost Luggage Delivery &Tracking Solution (Loc@te).
    QID’s extended enterprise mobility tracking solution features a state of the art cloud computing platform by Microsoft Windows Azure.
    About QID:
    QuantumID Technologies (QID) headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with subsidiary in Pune, India- is a global leader in design, development and implementation of Barcode compatible, RFID-enabled asset identification, tracking and management systems.
    QID’s enterprise mobility system offering for the Airline Industry includes End-to-End Cargo Management Solution (ACT), Unit Load Device Tracking Solution (Tr@kULD), Cargo Security Audit Solution (Sc@rgo) and Lost Luggage Tracking/Delivery Solution (Loc@te).
    QID’s cross industry enterprise asset tracking and management solutions are architected based on its award winning innovation and patent pending hardware portfolio and customizable middleware/software application platforms. QID’s solutions are designed to meet global industry standards, IATA guidelines and powered by Microsoft Windows Azure.
    QID’s airline cargo logistics solutions are offered as a “turnkey” solution-as-a-service business model, thus eliminate capital investments. Individual modules of the extended enterprise tracking solution can also be purchased with licensing agreements.
    For additional information: www.qidtech.com

    QID launches its TRACK@ULD initiative for a large logistics provider

    Pune, India

    QuantumID Technologies has built a state of the art, RFID enabled ULD (Unit Load Devices) management product compliant with IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards. This solution comprising of RFID hardware and software is being launched in March-April 2011 in India for a major international logistics company.
    “We are ramping up our offerings in the logistics space and our customers see a good return on their investment.” says Prasanna Gogwekar, Managing Director.

    “Tracking of unit load devices is a challenge faced by every airline. Our solution is very well positioned for major logistics players and service providers who lose thousands of ULDs each year.We have built the application based on IATA guidelines making it scalable globally” says John Eyemaro, SVP Corporate and Business Development.

    QID wins another contract in India for its ART solution .

    Pune, India

    QuantumID Technologies (India) wins another contract in India for its ART standard solution used in automating results for road tests conducted by the department of motor vehicles. This deployment will happen in Southern India and is a major step taken by the Government in deploying advanced technologies for improving operations.

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