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  • QID successfully completes RFID enabled Vehicle Testing Project in Southern India

    Pune, India

    QID has successfully delivered RFID enabled Vehicle Testing project for one of the states in Southern India through a Government R&D firm . The Solution is being highly acclaimed by the local Director of transportation and the local authorities and will be scaled across the state in the days to come rapidly.
    “This is a paradigm shift in this particular domain and helps the government to accurately and rapidly evaluate vehicle driving tests and help serve the customers needs reliably and efficiently especially since the number of vehicle owners and drivers in India are rapidly increasing.”
    says Prasanna Gogwekar, MD, QID Technologies ( India ).
    “We are seeing a rapid growth in the need towards tracking of vehicle paths be it in vehicle testing or even movement of other types of vehicles like FORKLIFTS in industrial and manufacturing sites globally. The current steps are towards a largers growth globally” says Milind Tavshikar, CEO, QID.