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  • QID Enhancing the VISILBITY EXPERIENCE into the consumer space soon.

    Pune, India

    QuantumID Technologies realises the importance of visibility in EMERGING MARKETs such as India where the geographical consumer potential is seeing exponential growth in fast growing TIER-II cities. Customers are turning into Consumers with high end lifestyles and preferences and the RETAIL , F&B & FMCG INDUSTRY growth is turning out to be phenomenal .
    QID is specially launching for the INDIA customer base a phone application i-PREFER which will allow consumers to IDENTIFY TRACK & MANAGE the LIFESTYLE SPACE around them through a VISIBILTY APPLICATION.
    The APPLICATION also allows the CONSUMERS to RATE products & places which they are interested in as per their choices and POST their RATINGS on the SOCIAL NETWORK PLATFORMS.
    “We are launching i-PREFER for India in NOVEMBER 2001 on the ANDROID MARKETPLACE and subsequently on the APPSTORE MARKETPLACE ” says Prasanna Gogwekar, MD, QID Technologies (India) .