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  • QID launches VSIBLITY SOLUTIONs in F&B…with i-ORDER on i-PAD.

    Pune, India

    QuantumID Technologies vision to bring in visibility and efficiencies is extending into the F&B sector with its launch of i-ORDER for i-PAD as an enterprise application in NOVEMER 2011.
    i-ORDER is a very effective tool to enable F&B outlets to bring in more focus on customer services and enable faster and more effective turn-around times from the bar and kitchen to the customers.
    β€œThe product is aimed to bring in efficiencies and measure and track service efficiencies and bring in much more VSIBLITY associated with TABLE MANAGEMENT & RESPONSE TIMES β€œ says PRASANNA GOGWEKAR, MD, QID Technologies ( India ).
    β€œ We are rolling this product out to a HIGH END POPULAR RESTAURANT CHAIN in Southern India and the product is sure to catch the market rapidly from there on β€œ says Milind Tavshikar, CEO, QID Technologies.