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  • QID successfully signs up multiple AIRLINE GHAs for its REVOLUTIONARY SMARTCARGO PLATFORM

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies has successfully signed up multiple AIRLINE GHAs including the SOVIKA GROUP for its SMART CARGO solution which will be offered to multiple AIRLINES which the GHAs / GSA (Ground Handling Agents / Global Sales Agents) are servicing.

    SMARTCARGO is a SAAS solution from QID on the cloud platform compatible with IATA messaging and offers a series of powerful features in revenue accounting in addition to a slick set of operations & billing modules. “We have ensured that our customers have complete control of all their operations, sales & finances in one system and that they can make intelligent decisions through our i-SMART BI platform on the cloud, which offers real time analytics including predictability” – Prasanna Gogwekar, COO, QID.

    “ SMARTCARGO takes our solution coverage in the AIR-LOGISTICS space to an entirely different level since it has all the CORE ERP functions with the PLUG-IN functionality of RFID and / or BARCODEs, making it a very desirable product for the industry paired up with our SAAS / PAAS / EHAAS models.” Says Milind Tavshikar, CEO, QID.

    GoAir and Sovika Aviation Services Deploy Smartcargo Solution

    Sovika Aviation services started using Smartcargo software platform to provide Air Cargo services. Using a web based real-time reservation engine, freight forwarders are now able to book their freight and obtain real time confirmation on space allocated to their bookings.

    Global Launch of Smartcargo Software Platform

    Smartcargo is the worlds most advanced cargo visibility and management platform that provides technology solutions to Airlines, Ground Handlers, Sales Agents and Regulators. Smartcargo features comprehensive functionality and enables operational staff to make real time decisions in order to provide the highest level of predictability and performance.

    Smartcargo functions are totally integrated across all functions of an Enterprise. The Software also features Flexible rate management supported by finance functions of revenue accounting, automatic billing, invoicing, collections followed by debit/credit reconciliation improve efficiency of an enterprise

    Smartcargo is the world’s only cargo management system built upon Microsoft’s Azure platform. It features a truly cloud enabled architecture to deliver high availability, unlimited scale, security and performance.

    It is available globally as a Pay per Use Model.

    QID announces its CARGO MANAGEMENT software – SMARTCARGO

    QID is announcing the launch of its CARGO MANAGEMENT software – SMARTCARGO in September. The solution is a CLOUD enabled solution and its features can extend to visibility management with barcodes & RFID as needed.

    “Our solution is specially focused towards the GHA, GSA and AGENTs who work with Airlines all over the world to make their business process lean and efficient and communicate with the AIRLINES with IATA MESSAGING standards “ says CEO MilindTavshikar. “To make the solution viable in emerging economies the solution is available on a pay as you earn model with our Solution-As-A-Service offering for our customers” says PrasannaGogwekar, COO, QID.

    QID successfully completes a scalable project for a major BEER company.

    QID Technologies has successfully completed a RFID enabled WMS optimization project for a major Multi National BEER organization with QIDS ROW product. The solution enables some of the KEY 5S principles to be used extremely effectively and also helps to optimize efficiencies and optimize warehouse space very effectively.
    “ We will be looking forward to rollout this solution to over 10 breweries over the next year with this solution “ – PrasannaGogwekar, COO of QID.

    QID implementing a wide-net VISIBILTY pilot for one of the biggest global logistics provider in India.

    Pune, India

    QID is currently implementing a major WIDE-NET pilot for one of the biggest global logistics provider for its subsidiary in India. The solution has been architected by QID and it brings in tremendous efficiency gains in overall operations and enables logistics provider to grow operations without exponential growth in costs associated with manpower.
    The solution brings in REAL TIME visibility in supply chain at an item level with overall operational efficiency gains of over 25% which is an unprecedented paradigm shift in the industry.

    QID successfully delivers REMO solution for multiple mines in Western India.

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies has successfully completed implementation of its REMO solution for multiple mines in Western India. The solution enables the mining operators to track movement at multiple touch point of its ores and reduce leakage of revenue and at the same time comply with government rules and regulations.
    The REMO solution brings in consistency and efficiency in operations and has tremendous scope for deployment all over India in the next 24 months. A lot of state governments in India are looking to bring in standards , procedures and guidelines into the industry and REMO has many of these core needs already embedded as standard features ready for deployment.

    QID successfully launches its REMO product for the mining industry in Western India

    Pune, India

    QuantumID Technologies (India) has built a state of the art, RFID enabled ORE & Vehicle tracking solution for the Mining industry – REMO with one of the very notable mines in Western India producing Iron Ore. “With REMO we have built a very effective solution to help Mine owners optimize and track their mining operations and keep effective track record of extraction and exports with a great step towards both efficiencies and compliance” says Prasanna Gogwekar, MD India operations for QID. “The Solution will soon be available to our customers in South America, Canada and Australia to help them manage their operations with better visibility and efficiency” says Milind Tavshikar, CEO QID Inc.

    QID wins a major RFID enabled WMS PILOT project for Indias PREMIER BEER maker.

    Pune, India

    QID Technologies has won a major RFID enabled WMS PILOT project using its ROW products for one of Indias PREMIER BEER MAKER. The project is aimed to optimize warehouse operations and bringing in VISIBLITY & EFFICIENCIES enabling the BEER MAKER to scale operations rapidly considering the increase in local and global demand.

    TRAK-ULD solution now available in US through QIDs rapid deployment model.

    Pune, India

    QID Inc has made successful inroads into the USA market to deploy and prove its TRAK ULD solution in the US MARKET. “We are working with a multitude of big name AIR-CARGO operators in the United states in presenting and testing the solution in their warehouses and showcasing amazing efficiencies into the overall process bringing down TCO of managing aircargo operations“ says John Eyemaro, VP, Corporate Communications for QID Inc.