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  • QID announces its CARGO MANAGEMENT software – SMARTCARGO

    QID is announcing the launch of its CARGO MANAGEMENT software – SMARTCARGO in September. The solution is a CLOUD enabled solution and its features can extend to visibility management with barcodes & RFID as needed.

    “Our solution is specially focused towards the GHA, GSA and AGENTs who work with Airlines all over the world to make their business process lean and efficient and communicate with the AIRLINES with IATA MESSAGING standards “ says CEO MilindTavshikar. “To make the solution viable in emerging economies the solution is available on a pay as you earn model with our Solution-As-A-Service offering for our customers” says PrasannaGogwekar, COO, QID.

    QID successfully completes a scalable project for a major BEER company.

    QID Technologies has successfully completed a RFID enabled WMS optimization project for a major Multi National BEER organization with QIDS ROW product. The solution enables some of the KEY 5S principles to be used extremely effectively and also helps to optimize efficiencies and optimize warehouse space very effectively.
    “ We will be looking forward to rollout this solution to over 10 breweries over the next year with this solution “ – PrasannaGogwekar, COO of QID.