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Conceived at MIT in 2006, QuantumID Technologies (QID) is a leading industrial hardware, software and technical services company offering barcode compatible, UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled mobility solutions for the modern enterprise to enable organizations to improve value chain productivity and operational efficiencies, reduce operational cost, improve customer satisfaction, market share and profitability growth objectives.
QID’s target markets includes closed loop logistics operations in the airline cargo and courier services industry, packaged industrial gas cylinder and equipment distribution and manufacturing, warehousing and distribution industries. QID’s proven innovation and development of enterprise mobility solutions, hardware product portfolio, customer-centered customizable software application/middleware development and professional services to support solutions deployment, technical support and training.
At QID, our vision is to leverage innovative technologies to help identify, track and manage real-time stationary and moving assets based on customer’s environment. QID’s competitive advantage points to its ability to deliver industry’s shortest ROI/payback period, high performance, high quality and very low total cost of customized solutions and product portfolio for the extended enterprise globally.


QID’s standards based Core and Edge Software System platforms encompasses its proprietary BRICS (Barcode and RFID Integrated Communication Software) Systems, data exchange infrastructure (DXI), RFID middleware modules, and message exchange infrastructure (MXI). All software sub-systems seamlessly integrate into backend ERP systems including SAP, Oracle/JD Edwards and/or corporate databases via standards based APIs.

Components of QID’s proprietary software sub-systems leverages the stable and robust .NET framework with the flexibility for customer driven customization as needed to support extended enterprise environments including field services operations, business intelligence, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution operations and control systems for the successful deployment of barcode compatible, RFID enabled assets identification, tracking and management systems.



AC@CT Solution is created for both closed and open loop enterprise mobility asset tracking offerings for the airline and courier industry verticals, comprising of End-to-End Cargo Management Solution (ACT), Unit Load Device Tracking Solution (Tr@kULD), Cargo Security Audit Solution (Sc@rgo) and Lost Luggage Delivery & Tracking Solution (Loc@te).


ULTRA Solution is industry’s first UHF RFID enabled solution developed for packaged gas cylinder/equipment identification, tracking and management analytics and reporting. It features industry’s longest (> 10 meters) and shortest (2 centimeters) range for reading/writing information on metallic cylinders.
ULTRA solution also addresses the needs of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) distribution operators where there are needs for periodic verification and validation of natural gas cylinders fitted onto transportation vehicles


ROW Solution for Manufacturing: Architected to streamline processing raw materials, WIP operations, and finished goods.
ROW Solution for Warehousing and Distribution: Architected to handle automation of inventory process value chain for error reduction and decision support operations including pick/place, receiving, cross-docking, put-away, shipping, total systems visibility/security and enhanced customer experience.


VTS Solution for yard-vehicle planning and Management: Crafted to optimize and maximize distribution center/yard services throughput, enhance yard operations value chain resources and process utilization and productivity.


Custom Mobility Solutions is a customer-centered laboratory of proven enterprise mobility solutions that leverages QID’s expertise in extended enterprise asset identification, tracking and management software application + middleware development and programming to customize customer driven solutions for field services, Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul Operations, Long haul material delivery/pick-up logistics to meet customer needs..



QHH7000 – Multi-Modal Handheld: QID’s multi-modal industrial handheld reader is the world’s first and only integrated handheld device capable of reading both UHF RFID (Passive, Hybrid and Active Tags) and classic 1D and 2D barcodes images. AIM provides a platform for variety of new applications that can leverage powerful integrated out-of-the-box solutions for the enterprise.

QMC6500/QMC9600 – Industrial Mobile Computer: QID’s ruggedized multi-purpose PDA + Barcode (1 or 2D imager) + UHF RFID reader/writer + GPS + Quad band EDGE/GSM/GPRS + Wi-Fi + Touch screen + Touch Pad + Full QWERTY + Digital Camera + Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating system features and full featured PC functionalities makes this devices, industry’s first UHF RFID ready industrial mobile computing platform in the market.

QMC9900 – RFID Fixed Readers: QID’s fixed readers are designed to meet industry standards and can be deployed in a variety of conditions and form factors. The fixed reader compliments state of the art antenna system to offer a reliable and robust environment for tracking/reading of tags on assets including assets on a moving vehicles at moderate – high speed cases and gateways including assembly lines, loading docks and entry/exit factory gateways . All Fixed readers support Dense Reads and can typically read hundreds of tags in seconds.

UHF RFID TAGS (Passive & Active)

QCT210x – Multi –Purpose Label Tags: QID’s multi-purpose encompasses barcode/RFID combo tags, and passive RFID reusable tags. The tags offer 512 bits of rewritable memory, available in both heat resistant for general purpose industrial applications including cargo & package tagging, luggage tags, plastic creates, glass, wooden pallets among others to store asset’s characteristics to enable asset identification, tracking and management across customers extended enterprise.

QHT300x – Hybrid Tag:QID’s low cost and small form factor battery-assisted innovative active and passive RFID tag technology in a single platform. The tag possess a built-in 8bit microcontroller for software application needs and 32K read/write memory. The ruggedized tag offers software controlled read/write range of over 50 meters when used in battery assisted mode.
QMT200x – Metal Tag: QID’s innovation in ruggedized small factor packaging of metal tags for industrial applications including gas cyliders and equipments, Unit load Deheavy machinary, aerospace equipment/toolings, warehouse shelves tagging and electrical equipments. The tag offers long read ranges of at least 12 meters. The multi-purpose tags are IP68 compliant.

QID’s team of hardware and software engineers has extensive experience in a wide range of related industry business applications development and software programming, including RFID and Wireless technologies. The consulting services team partner with customers to undertake site surveys to gather requirements, craft custom solution as needed, manage solution implementation, customer training, both onsite and online based on customer needs. Additional service offerings includes –