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  • Industrial Gas Cylinder/ Equipment Tracking System (ULTRA)
  • Airline Cargo and Courier Logistics System (AC@CLT)
  • Custom Mobility Solutions (CUSOL)


  • QHH7000 Multi-Modal RFID HandHeld Reader
  • QHH 3190 – Industrial RFID Handheld Computer/Reader
  • QMC6500 Industrial Mobile Computer
  • QMC400 Enterprise Mobile Computer
  • UHF-RFID Fixed Reader
  • RFID Passive & Hybrid Tags
  • Industrial Desktop & Mobile Printers
  • Inbound Cargo Security Audit/Tracking Solution (Sc@rgo)

    The signed U.S. National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 (P.L. 108-458) requires the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) to pursue adoption of cargo screening technologies that encompasses inspection, screening and tracking of air cargo on board all aircrafts.
    QID’s inbound cargo security audit and tracking solution (Sc@rgo) leverages electronically acquired data from cargo pick-up/acceptance locations to provide cargo airlines real-time visibility to cargo shipment across logistics value chain. The solution addresses one of the three core security pillars of the NIR Act of 2004 for secure cargo transportation – encompasses visual inspection, electronic screening and electronic tracking of cargo placed aboard passenger and all cargo-aircrafts.
    QID’s inbound cargo tracking security solution (Sc@rgo) is a real-time tracking system that is aligned with air cargo security requirements and compliance. This proven cargo tracking solution automatically tracks and reports on both palletized and non-palletized cargo throughout the cargo supply chain, including cargo inspection tagging/labeling, screening or X-ray to aircraft loading and unloading. The solution automatically reconciles the manifest of pre-screened cargo with post-screened cargo prior to cargo loading aboard an aircraft, and transmits loading reports electronically per customer requirements. The integrated web based system also enables real time location management and reporting analytics of cargo movement across the logistics value chain.


    QFR9900: Gateway System – EPC global complaint GEN 2 UHF RFID fixed reader with antenna, installed strategically onto Airport location pre-airline loading screening XRAY stations.


    Sc@rgo Tracking Security Software Middleware/Application Platform

    • X-Ray Reader System Module
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting Module
    • Cargo Tracking Data Mining/Security Software Server Module