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  • Industrial Gas Cylinder/ Equipment Tracking System (ULTRA)
  • Airline Cargo and Courier Logistics System (AC@CLT)
  • Custom Mobility Solutions (CUSOL)


  • QHH7000 Multi-Modal RFID HandHeld Reader
  • QHH 3190 – Industrial RFID Handheld Computer/Reader
  • QMC6500 Industrial Mobile Computer
  • QMC400 Enterprise Mobile Computer
  • UHF-RFID Fixed Reader
  • RFID Passive & Hybrid Tags
  • Industrial Desktop & Mobile Printers
  • Lost Baggage Tracking & Delivery Solution (LOCATE)

    Airline Luggage Delivery Service Providers at most airports globally deliver millions of luggage lost or delayed by airlines each year. QID’s LOC@TE is an integrated solution developed to enhance tracking and management all aspects of the lost luggage delivery operations. Loc@te is a web based enterprise mobility solution that offers airlines and its service providers real-time visibility to located lost luggage being delivered to airline customers, the solution provide street level location navigation of luggage or packages being delivered, as well provide connected customers periodic e-alert on delivery status. It’s capable of generating reports for delivery performance analysis by service providers and carriers for strategic and tactical customer service delivery optimization.

    LOC@TE software systems platform can be integrated seamlessly into airline carrier management system via an open API based industry standards ERP systems including SAP, JD Edwards/Oracle and/or proprietary company’s data base systems with minimal customization by QID’s software programming and development team. Loc@te enterprise mobility solution encompasses hardware and customizable proprietary software middleware/application that is deployable globally as a “turnkey” solution as a sub-component of the Airline Cargo and Courier Logistics Tracking System (ACT@CT)


    • QMC9600: Industrial Smartphone mobile computer
    • QMC6500: Industrial Smartphone mobile computer
    • QMC400: Enterprise Smartphone Mobile Computer
    • QCT220: Barcode RFID Cargo Tag; Memory – 512 bits, 10000 prog. Cycles
    • QMP420/QMP430: Ruggedized Mobile “Bluetooth” Label/Receipt Printer
    • QPP300: Industrial High Volume Portable Label Printer
    • QDP500: Industrial High Volume desk top barcode/RFID Label Printer


    Baggage/Luggage Tracking Middleware & Software Application Platform

    • BDO Acceptance/Tag Commissioning Module
    • Delivery Operations Module
    • Client Location/Mapping Module
    • Web-based Business Analytics, Billing and Reporting Module