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  • Industrial Gas Cylinder/ Equipment Tracking System (ULTRA)
  • Airline Cargo and Courier Logistics System (AC@CLT)
  • Custom Mobility Solutions (CUSOL)


  • QHH7000 Multi-Modal RFID HandHeld Reader
  • QHH 3190 – Industrial RFID Handheld Computer/Reader
  • QMC6500 Industrial Mobile Computer
  • QMC400 Enterprise Mobile Computer
  • UHF-RFID Fixed Reader
  • RFID Passive & Hybrid Tags
  • Industrial Desktop & Mobile Printers
  • Unit Load Device Tracking Solution (Tr@kULD)

    Air cargo shipping containers called Unit Load Devices (ULDS) are core assets used for efficient movement of cargo in both passenger and cargo airplanes. QID’s Unit Load Device Tracking Solution (Tr@kULD) offers an integrated barcode compatible, RFID- enabled tracking solution architected to efficiently identify, track and manage ULD’s in-use at outbound and inbound operating locations. The solution as well monitors and reconcile ULD inventory while on site. Tr@kULD is deployed with reusable passive UHF RFID tags customized for 100,000 programmable cycles, and offers the flexibility needed to store and access electronic manifest of the cargo loaded onto ULDs, thus providing cargo carrier’s real-time information on which ULD needed to be re-directed for special handling or transfer to other aircrafts.

    QID’s passive UHF RFID Tags offers at least 10 years of data retention and read rang of at most 10 meters, providing operators the flexibility, real-time visibility and easy access electronically to secure and tamper proof information to the ULD’s characteristics including service records, availability and location within the airline’s network globally. Tr@kULD is architected to scale effortlessly, as well as meeting global industry standards including recommended IATA guidelines and specifications.

    Tr@kULD solution can be deployed independently and/or as a sub-system of AC@CT’ systems platform – both integrates seamlessly via an open API to both industry standards ERP systems like SAP, JD Edwards/Oracle, as well as proprietary company data bases and can be powered by global Cloud network platform.


    • QHH7000: MS Windows CE based multi-modal Barcode/UHF RFID handheld mobile computer/reader
    • QMC9600: MS Windows CE based ruggedized industrial barcode/RFID (optional) mobile computer
    • QMC6500: MS Windows Mobile based ruggedized industrial barcode mobile computer
    • QMT200: Ruggedized reusable metal tag; with data storage memory of 512 bits, 10,000 programmable Cycles
    • QCT210: Reusable cargo tag; with data storage memory of 512 bits, 10,000 programmable Cycles
    • QCT220: Barcode RFID Cargo Tag; Memory – 512 bits, 10000 prog. Cycles
    • QMP420/QMP430: Ruggedized Mobile “Bluetooth” Label/Receipt Printer


    Tr@kULD Tracking Middleware & Software Application Platform

    • ULD Tag Commissioning Module
    • ULD Loaded Cargo Manifest Module
    • ULD Origin and Destination Carrier Module
    • Web based Business Intelligence, Alerts and Reporting Module