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  • Industrial Gas Cylinder/ Equipment Tracking System (ULTRA)
  • Airline Cargo and Courier Logistics System (AC@CLT)
  • Custom Mobility Solutions (CUSOL)


  • QHH7000 Multi-Modal RFID HandHeld Reader
  • QHH 3190 – Industrial RFID Handheld Computer/Reader
  • QMC6500 Industrial Mobile Computer
  • QMC400 Enterprise Mobile Computer
  • UHF-RFID Fixed Reader
  • RFID Passive & Hybrid Tags
  • Industrial Desktop & Mobile Printers
  • RFID Optimized Warehouse & Distribution Management System (ROW)

    QID’s RFID Optimized Warehouse Tracking System (ROW) is designed for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations – Manufacturing solution is architected to streamline processing of raw materials, work-in-process (WIP), and finished goods across the manufacturing value chain.. Warehousing and distribution solutions are architected for enterprise automation, value chain inventory management, error reduction and contribution to decision support systems including pick/place, receiving, cross-docking, put-away, shipping, total systems visibility and security, and to enhance customer experience.

    ROW software systems platform integrates seamlessly via an open API to both industry standards ERP systems like SAP, JD Edwards; Oracle and/or proprietary company’s data bases with minimal customization by QID’s software development team. ROW system platform is available globally as a turnkey solution or hosted as managed service, customizable to meet customer’s regional/local needs and environments.


    • QHH7000: QID’s multi-modal UHF RFID handheld computer/reader
    • QMC6500/QMC9600: QID’s global industrial mobile computer
    • QFR9900: Gateway unit – UHF RFID Fixed reader with antenna package
    • QMT200: Ruggedized metal tag; Memory -512 bits, 10000 program cycles
    • QCT210: Reusable cargo tag; Memory -512 bits, 10000 programmable cycles
    • QMP420/QMP430: Ruggedized Mobile “Bluetooth” Label/Receipt Printer
    • QPP300: Industrial High Volume Portable Label Printer
    • QDP500: Industrial High Volume desk top barcode/RFID Label Printer


    ROW Management Middleware & Software Application Platform

    • Asset Acceptance and Commissioning Module
    • Asset/Item Identification and Tracking Operations Modules
    • Facilities Gate Entry/Exit Movement Module
    • Real-Time Asset Location/Movement Module
    • Web-based Assets Reporting and Analytics Module