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  • Industrial Gas Cylinder/ Equipment Tracking System (ULTRA)
  • Airline Cargo and Courier Logistics System (AC@CLT)
  • Custom Mobility Solutions (CUSOL)


  • QHH7000 Multi-Modal RFID HandHeld Reader
  • QHH 3190 – Industrial RFID Handheld Computer/Reader
  • QMC6500 Industrial Mobile Computer
  • QMC400 Enterprise Mobile Computer
  • UHF-RFID Fixed Reader
  • RFID Passive & Hybrid Tags
  • Industrial Desktop & Mobile Printers
  • UHF-RFID Fixed Reader

    The QID QFR9900 is a EPC global complaint GEN 2 UHF RFID fixed reader, ideal for most advanced and high performance long range integrated solutions and demanding enterprise applications. The 9900 fixed reader is industry’s best in class UHF RFID reader, supported on industry standard RFID software platforms including Oracle and Microsoft Biz Talk server interface that makes it ideal for Advanced UHF RFID enabled cross industry applications. Attributes of the fixed reader leverage Alien’s RFID innovation including interface protocol integration API, mono-static antenna design, noise interference management for reliable data capture, and innovation on power/LAN failsafe mechanisms for data protection.


    Automated Inventory Management and Optimization
    Automatic Verification Of Loading and Unloading Operations
    Factory Entry/Exit Gateway- Monitoring, Security and Electronic Surveillance Tracking/Reporting
    Warehouse Gate Operation For Goods Receiving/Delivery Tracking
    Remote Vendor Managed Inventory System
    Automated In-plant Production Operations Optimization


    Architecture XScale processor, Linux, 64 Mbytes RAM, 64 MBytes Flash
    Supported RFID Tag Protocol EPC Gen2; ISO 18000-6C
    Frequencies Supported 865.7MHz – 867.5MHz; 902MHz – 928MHz
    Reader Protocols Alien Reader Protocols
    LAN Protocols TCP/IP, NTP, DNS, DHCP, SNMP
    Dense Reader Management Dense Reader Mode, auto event triggering and event management
    Power Robust universal AC-DC power converter; 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
    Antennas 4 reverse polarity TNC mono-static ports; circular or linear polarization; near and far field compatible
    Temperature Operating: -20deg. C to +50deg.C; Storage: -20deg,C to 80deg.C
    Compliances/RoHS Certification Emissions: ETSI EN 302-208-2 (4 channel plan), ETSI EN 300-220,
    EN 301-489. Safety: EN 60950, EN 50364/EU 2002/95/EC compliant
    Mechanical IP53; MIL STD 810 514.5C-3; 40 G’s acceleration/11ms duration